Meet Lute,
One Badass

$TURTLE is on a mission to create a meaningful impact on this planet’s oceans where animals can swim freely amongst whales. $TURTLE is here to keep the waters as clear and transparent as they should be, no garbage or pollution.

Play Lute Jump Now!

Lute Jump is live and you can now play it directly from our telegram group. Time to get addicted.

Rewarded competitions and charity events.


Simple, Strong, No Bullshit!

No Taxes, No Fees

No hidden fees, taxes, presales, etc.


100% Tokens in UNI pool

All tokens have been released into the market, no burns to Vitalik or other funny business. This was a fair Launch, NO presale, NO team tokens.

Initial liquidity burned

Trust and transparency is key, and we have burned the initial liquidity.


Road Map

Hold on to your shells, coz us turtles swim fast!

Phase 1

Website launch v1
Marketing start
Content creation
5000 telegram members
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on CoinMarketCap

Phase 2

Token Staking
Liquidity Staking
25,000 telegram members
First charity donation event

Phase 3

Turtlelute Browser game
50,000 telegram members
NFT Charity Marketplace
Charity revenue integration
Website v2
Marketing v2

How to buy

Contract address: 0xf3afdc2525568ffe743801c8c54bdea1704c9adb
Go to to install their Chrome Extension which acts as your wallet.

Make sure to add $TURTLE token by selecting 'Add token' then click 'Custom' and paste contract address.
$TURTLE is on the Ethereum Blockchain, that’s why you need ETH to buy $TURTLE.

You can buy Ethereum with a debit card or Apple Pay directly within MetaMask wallet.
Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum.

Go to Uniswap to buy $TURTLE.

Once in Uniswap

1. Click on Select Token
2. Search for TURTLE or paste the contract address 0xf3afdc2525568ffe743801c8c54bdea1704c9adb
3. Click the checkbox and import
4. Connect your wallet by clicking the connect button.
5. Select metamask.
6. Click on Settings and set the Slippage to 0.5%
7. Enter the amount of ETH you would like to swap.
8. Double check your transaction and confirm swap.


10% of each sale goes to a charity voted by the community!

Frequently asked questions

When did the project start?

$TURTLE was stealth launched on 29/6/2021

Has the contract been audited?

No, and there is a very simple reason for this: There is nothing to Audit! The contract is a very simple one that only allows you to create tokens and all the tokens were added to UniSwap.

What do you mean all tokens were added to Uniswap?

The team added 100% of the tokens created to the Uniswap pool, along with an initial $8k in Eth from their own pockets.

Was the initial liquidity burnt and why?

The owner of Turtle's initial liquidity is 0x00..Burn Wallet so none of the team can access the initial liquidity as it's been burned forever. Making $TURTLE Rugpull Proof!

Did the team really buy their own token?

Yes ! As $TURTLE is a community project, the contract creator wallet bought around 2% of the total supply from the uniswap pool to be earmarked to kick start the charity project where the community will be able to find and vote for ocean focused charities.

Why is the team Anonymous?

Simple really, we had a fair launch where 100% of the tokens were added to Uniswap and the initial liquidity was burned. There are no team funds full stop. This is a community project! Lute is not in this for Kudos or the money, this is a community project, and it’s the community that should take credit for what it achieves.

How will $TURTLE raise funds for charities?

The plan is to use any fees collected from various up and coming programs to be added to a Charity Donation Pool. The community will then periodically vote on which environmental charity to donate the funds to.